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Friday, April 24, 2009

Posts are actually being made, but elsewhere...

Whoops, my bad. I need to remember to cross file my blogs. The best way to follow me and the rest of the writing team is here: http://www.chitowndailynews.org/section/chicago_hockey_blog/feed

Move over STHs

Starting a few months ago I began to hear about Wolves Season Ticket Holders being asked to move. Some of these season ticket holders had an empty seat next to them, a single seat, and it was difficult for the team to sell that seat.

I began to hear the story more and more as the season ended. Apparently there is a move in the Wolves management to get these seats and make them available. But there was a nagging feeling in my head. When you keep hearing the same story, time after time, you think maybe it's an urban myth.

Apparently it isn't. After posting a query on Wolfkeeper several season ticket holders confirmed versions of the story. They said basically, it happened to me. That's a lot better than saying "it happened to my friend."

Now that I know it is true, I think management of the team has to be aware of this. Why isn't it making an offer to the upset season ticket holders. The team has a lot of soft services it can offer people, such as a visit from the team mascot.

The issue is further clouded as something happened between this management team and the Wolfpack , the team fan club. No one is discussing it. Obviously people who know something are very upset.

Looking into the future, at the issue of relations between fans and the team, I note that there are still people who insist on saying this team is a class operation. I've always felt, hey, they are a service company in BUSINESS for profit. The Wolves have done a good job with their service, but it is still a service business.

Thinking of all this, there appear to be cracks in the goodwill, built since the team was founded. With more and more control flowing to customers, management better pay attention.