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Monday, January 09, 2006

Harry Dumas watch

Harry Dumas called his first games with the Chicago Wolves this year. Whatever happened or didn’t happen in the NHL, he’s back in the AHL, to our regret. In these two games, Billy Tibbetts acquired more penalty minutes than in the previous month, including two majors for fighting and a suspension for instigating in the last five minutes. List of Tibbets games

Tibbetts stepped up to dance with Krys Barch twice. These two must have some sort of history, perhaps Tibbetts killed Barch’s dog or Barch “borrowed” Tibbetts pick-up and forgot to return it. I'm sure it was something like that. In the first of the two incidents, Tibbetts received a two minute roughing, five minute fighting and a ten minute misconduct. Barch received five minutes for fighting.

In the second of the incidents, Tibbetts received two minutes slashing, two minutes instigating, five minutes fighting, ten minutes/game misconduct- instigating and was tossed from the game. He also received a one game suspension. Barch received five minutes for fighting. (A tip of the hat to Wolfkeeper for the stats). Interesting spread of penalties.

So, in two games with Dumas calling, we lost two. It should be interesting to watch. (Does your team have a history of Harry Dumas? Please, please send them to me).

1/6/06 Chi 1 at Oma 3 18 Pims ea. (8 Tibbetts)
1/7/05 IA 5 at Chi 1 29 Pims/ 57 Pims (36 Tibbetts)

Dumas has been associated with 30 AHL games so far this season. The only teams to not have the pleasure of his visit so far are San Antonio and Milwaukee. He has referred for six Hershey games, giving Hershey 9 points standings and 126 Pims. Bridgeport has hosted him five games, getting three points and 93 Pims. Albany has hosted him four games, has never won a point and leads the penalties with 191 Pims.

The zebras were busy the next night too. Brandon Pruist of the Omaha Knights received 32 minutes, plus a game misconduct for his dance with Braydon Coburn of the Wolves. Pruist, who is now 21, broke his stick on the way out of the arena, just inches from Lineman Stephen Campbell’s hand and Chicago Goalie Steve Shields. Fans could have been injured as well as the careers of these two people. Time to grow up Braydon. The game misconduct was for the pique of anger and I think we’ll see a suspension too.


-Calvyn- (in Binghamton) said...

Harry Dumas..... Worst Ref we've ever encountered!




Anonymous said...

I was at the Binghamton Senators game the other night when that piece of trash Dumas called like 4,000 friggin penalties and was seriously about to get his a$$ kicked by the entire Arena. I was told the next day he's been suspended for games due to bad officiating. Dont dont how valid that is but it wouldnt suprise me. He was way out of line and hope the AHL does something about it. Total loser. Hope he doesnt show back up to Bingo. He might get more than a water bottle or a cup of beer. Go Sens!!!