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Thursday, April 20, 2006

I'm still trying to catch up with April 16

First, congratulations to Olympian Bob Nardella, who announced he is retiring from professional hockey. Although this hurts the playoff chances of the Rockford Ice Hogs, I'll carry fond memories of Nardella's play, particularly with the Chicago Wolves and in the 2006 Italian team Olympic games.

Billy Tibbetts will be suspended for two games with the Ice Hogs in their playoffs against the Fort Wayne Komets, the UHL decided. Most times, players are not punished for infractions in another league, particularly as time served in the UHL will not count towards his debt in the AHL. Tibbetts, who is a mercurial character in the best of times, did not take the team bus home from Milwaukee on Friday. I assume the team will be discussing that with him.

Hockey blogs are falling by the way side like mad. Obsessed with Hockey is still going strong, as are most sites associated with a newspaper. I'll be updating the list of blogs soon.

More incidents of hate at the Milwaukee Admirals games. People (from Milwaukee) screaming at children, Chicago fans being attacked... Earlier this year we went to Milwaukee to watch the Wolves play. It was February and the Wolves were in a death spiral. I never expected the Wolves to win.

Embracing the concept, I purchased a "Wolves Suck" button at the Blueliners Club, or maybe it was the Admirals Crew. It seemed a lucky totem, as I had to continually explain to Chicago Wolves fans the circumstances of the purchase and why I wore it for the rest of the season: The Ads lost big that day. And I like my Wolves Suck button. Not only does it remind me that the Western Division champion had trouble in the midst of our worst period with a team I love, it also diffuses the situation when some cheese headed bozo threatens me. "Wolves Suck"? Sure, here's my button.

Nothing like doing that to confuse 'em.

The Ads had their largest attendence ever at the game, fueled by $2 tickets in the upper bowl. Really, it was a caldron of hate fueled by cheap tickets, and a combination of once-off fans and a group of hard-core fans who the league would be better without.

Visiting another team's home ice always has the potential of creating violence. Security should be better prepared for incidents, and act to end the reign of terror of these bench jockeys in Milwaukee.

Steve Maltais had a memorable send-off when they raised his number to the rafters last week. The blog My Mundane Life has a nice take on it and a fight by Francis Lessard.

Finally, in an earlier post I'd mentioned that the UHL had not yet announced the Colonial Cup Playoff Schedule. Here is the hyperlink to it.

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