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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Injury cheered

I found this piece on the Internet today:

Tuesday, November 15, 2005
Mannheim 1, Berlin 2

Defending DEL champions Eisbären Berlin won their first match after the TUI Nations Cup break by beating Adler Mannheim 2-1 on the road. The slow and mediocre game was overshadowed by a serious neck injury of Mannheim's Lonny Bohonos.

Lonny Bohonos was a player on the Chicago Wolves in the 2004-5 season before settling into Euro hockey with the German Elite league Mannheim Adlers’. I’m indebted to Ted’s Hockey blog for following Lonny. Almost exactly two years ago, in a game against the Milwaukee Admirals, the blog reminded me, Bohonos had four assists in a 6-2 Wolves victory.

Bohonos is in Thunder Bay recuperating from his hockey injury, out a season, but interested in playing again for the Thunder Bay Bombers. Nice post by Ted…

Hockey injuries can ruin lives. They end careers. They can even kill. So why do some fans cheer when an opposing player goes down? Two injuries in the defeat of the Chicago Wolves tonight. First period Milwaukee Admiral. Third period a Chicago Wolf. I remember cheering the Admiral as he returned to the bench. Was it a clean hit? Did he have his head down? In almost the same spot in the third a Wolves player down holding his eye.

The guy behind me, an Admirals fan who had been well behaved, starts cheering. Several of us ask him to stop out of respect and an argument breaks out. Neither here nor there normally. As I said, the group he was leading was loud but great fans of the Admirals.

During the argument, about an injury, he claims to be the coach of the Kenosha Krashers, which appeared to be a junior high school aged team. Not good. Disappointing. Homer.

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