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Monday, October 15, 2007

A tip of the hat to some other sites

The beginning of the season leads me to think of the many great resources I use to prepare the blog. Most readers will be familiar with the AHL website at www.theahl.com. Many, too, will know of the International Hockey Database, carrying statistics on many players. My other links are at this address: http://ciachort.blogspot.com/search/label/LINKS. I update them as I learn of new resources.

I’m very active on www.wolfkeeper.org as I Lov this game. Although there are other discussion groups out there that welcome fans from many teams, Wolfkeeper, run by Vlad Len, is an uncensored discussion of issues and is probably well know by intense fans of the Wolves and also of the Blackhawks.

No blog entry could be complete without mentioning the new site founded by my wife, lover and soul mate (don’t you just hate when people say that?) Jane Rickard at powderhornhockey.blogspot.com. Jane shoots many of the photos you see on this site with her new toy, a Canon something or other Rebel. Her view of hockey as art has already brought many people to her site. Check it out.

BTW, my camera, the beloved Fuji FinePix, died in a run-in with Shamu at Seaworld this fall. I’m back to shooting with a couple of poor “backup cameras.” Backup, as in backup the car over them.

And, of course, I spend a LOT of time in the car. How to pass the time? I listen to the only podcast that covers the whole AHL, the Power Play Post Show, run by Bob Howard and Jason Wilcox. Centered in that mecca of hockey, Binghamton, NY, this is a great fan show as the two friends bicker about the AHL and NHL. It has the sound and quality of two very well informed fans and I adore it. However, as they move from Bingo, I’ve noticed they are not as well informed, especially about the Western Division. So what! This is a hoot of a show and has great guests.

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