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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Tudor Floru- Tonight's Star of the game

Rockford, IL—The Rockford IceHogs took a three point lead in the Western Division over the Chicago Wolves with a 5-4 win Friday night at the Rockford MetroCentre. The game, hampered by poor officiating, was nevertheless elegant in its rugged physical play. Unfortunately, the officiating dominated play. So much for a hockey game.

Referee Tudor Floru is overmatched by the American Hockey League players he is attempting to officiate, seeming unable to balance the flow of the game and the need to be fair in his calls. The best recent examples of his shallow officiating having been Brent Sterling’s penalties on Friday. Let’s start this entire conversation by noting that most officials don’t have their own website, but Floru does: Fire Floru.

Go on and visit that site right now, I’ll be here when you get back.
Hi, that was a great photo by Jane Rickard from her website. That picture, if you cannot tell, takes place after the whistle. Immediately in front of Floru too. Sterling has just been given two minutes for goal tender interference. He skated into the crease and pushed Corey Crawford. Clear interference. Whistle. Stick gets shoved violently up Sterling’s nose.

That type of shit, and that is a technical word here, used here for unnecessary on-ice bullshit moves, not a cuss word, is the same type of shit that the league is punishing Chris Simon for. HELLO Floru? Send a fucking message that attempting to injure another player is not acceptable. Two minutes? Two minutes? Two minutes? For that? Basically an off-setting minor penalty?

Floru is breaking the code here. He is putting players at risk and himself too. Time to digress to another website. This is from the Peoria Journal Star: Cleve's World.

Well, obviously I’m not the only person who has wondered about what the hell is going on here? Dave apparently didn’t follow the web around enough to realize Mr. Floru has been fucking up games in the Central Hockey League in previous seasons.

But I digress. Sterling, two minutes for goal tender interference and Mr. Crawford, two minutes for attempted surgery. Later in the same game, Sterling is screaming at the Floru. I’m not close enough, but let’s guess he is using some four letter words in a non-technical manner that I would never use on this blog. Ten minute major. So, the guy who had unofficial surgery gets ten? The guy who gave it to him gets two?

I've seen this guy officiate two games in the AHL now. In both, there were very upset fans and team officials on both teams screaming at Floru. I’m not sure where this Floru guy belongs. But not officiating games for professional hockey leagues and not in development for the National Hockey League either. He just sucks.

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Anonymous said...

"10 minute major." Lol. It's a 10 minute misconduct. And it's what a referee gives when a player is acting like a belligerent ass, right or wrong, on the ice. Get it straight.