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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Politics and hockey don't mix well

Time for hockey to restart, in fact it has restarted. First though, how can anyone ignore the new connection of hockey and politics? Certainly not Manny Legace, who did ignore the connection, apparently tripping on the red carpet laid out by the St. Louis Blues for GOP Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

According to the AP writer Jim Salter and as reported in Salon, Legace was warned that the carpet hadn’t been rolled up yet, but proceeded onto the ice in any case and promptly tripped on the carpet. Now he is injured. The sense of the story is that he was injured in his fall on the carpet.

There aren’t that many opportunities to write about politics and hockey and I promise to try to keep these non-political. You can always look at the personal blog for a sense of how I swing, if that matters (google the name Patrick Kissane, I’m sure you’ll find it). But there is also a great political cartoon out there on Governor Palin that I think expresses every sports fan’s idea about the Philadelphia sports fan: http://content.cartoonbox.slate.com/?feature=38dc37300da25400d07b9f0387b43e9c

Due to copyright, I won’t reproduce it, but please, it is funny as hell and worth the click. (Slate has a great library of editorial cartoons, if you like that sort of thing. There have been several on the hockey mom issue that are worth a look: www.slate.com. Look for the editorial cartoon link).

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