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Sunday, November 02, 2008


This is one of the stats I’m just beating on. In eleven games the Chicago Wolves have scored just three times with a man advantage. They only score 5.1 percent of the time on the power play. This is just incredible. It is terrible.

I’m trying to put together how bad this is. The Wolves have as many shorthanded goals as they do power play goals. The total number of goals scored in shootouts this season by the Wolves and their opponents is equal to the total number of power play goals scored by the Wolves. The Wolves power play has scored at home only once this season.

There are 15 players in the American Hockey League with as many power play goals as the entire team has. There are ten in the AHL with more power play goals than the Wolves. There is one AHL player who has to get only one short-handed goal to tie the total number of power play goals scored by the Wolves.

The Wolves defense is doing pretty well. It’s not great, but it’s good. For example the AHL penalty kill is averaging 84.2 percent currently. The Wolves have a PK of 87.9 percent. In real terms, they’ve given up six power play goals. Or, they only have half as many power play goals for as against.

If this continues, we’ll be comparing the chances of the Wolves scoring a power play goal to the chances of catching a tee shirt in the upper deck. It’s awful. Just terrible.

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