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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Rushing to the exits; the new team says "safe home."

The Levin organization has generally been well loved by Wolves fans. First, they win championships. They enter the season with the idea that they will compete and win the championship of their league.

Second, season ticket holders for the Wolves will brag to season ticket holders of other sports about the goodies they receive; private parties, ticket exchange rights, sweaters, gifts and the ability to interact with owners and the team.

Along comes two guys from the Chicago Rush this month. Mike Gordon is the new VP of Partnerships and Mike Polisky is the President of the team. Both are former Rush executives. Talking with my editor I noted that although I haven't been introduced to Polisky, there is a new person in the stands, talking to the fans and engaging them. Then tonight, another new guy was there. No introduction yet, but he looks like Gordon.

“Has Polisky talked to you yet?” my editor asked. “No, but he's interacting with people. It never happened with the old COO,” I replied.

At the close of the game tonight, the guy who appears to be Polisky is walking around telling us to drive home safely. And on the concourse, the guy who appears to be Gordon is thanking us for attending the game.

WOW. This team, known for its fan friendly attitude never did this before. In fact, I can't put a face with the PR person, haven't said more than 20 words to any of the PR people in three years of writing for the Chitowndailynews. And, that's not for trying. This newspaper is ignored by the Wolves PR department.

I'm shocked. These two guys, if they are who I think they are, are talking to fans! What's next?

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