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Monday, September 12, 2005

Compassion in action

I'm not a citizen of Louisiana. I can't hold the mayor or the governor responsible for their actions. I can hold the President of the United States responsible. And, to the extent he is responsible, I want to hold him to it.

He appointed Mike Brown to run FEMA. And it was Mr. Bush who decided to fly to San Diego and points west to push other agendas, rather than personally view the devastation.

Further, FEMA was placed under the control of the Department of Homeland Security so that there could be coordinated effort to ameliorate disasters, whether caused by natural causes or foreign attack. It has been exactly four years and a day since our nation was attacked. Given the response of FEMA, can anyone look at the tragedy that continued for days and say they feel safer today than when FEMA was organized outside of the Dept. of Homeland Security?

If FEMA cannot deal effectively with a disaster that it knew about days beforehand, that it had plans to deal with for years beforehand, how will it deal with the inevitable terrorist attack which will happen god knows where?

This President was reelected just months ago on a platform of being a war president. That he took charge and dealt with the terror threat. "We must deal with threats before they hurt the American people again." All that sounds very empty now.

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