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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Iowa pregame 11/26

We just clocked these guys. Here's what I wrote that time:

Iowa won the previous game in OT 5-4. But we want the Wolves to get more than a point. They owned the Wolves last year, with very few Wolves points from these guys. Junior Lessard has a team leading 17 points, 11th overall. Joel Lundquist has 15 points, tied for 19th place.

Tobias Stephen, a Swiss goalie, has a third place 1.82 GAA and is turning away 92.4 percent of shots.

The Iowa update is they have 24 points, running third in the West. Lessard is up to 21 points, Lundqvist 18, Marty Sertich 16. Three others are in double digits, Vojtech Polak, Mark Ardelan and Mike Green, all at 11 points. Rookie goal keeper Stephan is now ranked 4th in the league with 2.02 GAA and 92.5 percent save.

Our last two games against Iowa:
10/28 Iowa 5 Chi 4 OT
11/14 Chi 8 Iowa 2

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