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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Top local hockey stories for the year

I'm just thinking ahead here.

  • Pat Foley leaves the Chicago Blackhawks, accepts job at the Chicago Wolves.
  • March 19th, start of end of season winning streak by Chicago Wolves and Michael Garnett.
  • Manitoba Moose stop playing in the third period of key playoff game against Grand Rapids, losing the North Division championship to Grand Rapids.
  • Milwaukee Admirals fail to close the deal on 2nd Calder Cup.
  • Chicago Blackhawks meltdown, losing nine in a row in October, probably costing them the season right there.
  • Chicago Hounds franchise opens in Sears Centre. Opening game cancelled due to poor ice conditions. Franchise is in jeopardy.
  • Chicago Wolves fail to make playoffs for first time in franchise history.
  • Milwaukee loses Hobbit line in post-season.
  • Judd Sirott accepts job at NHL HD desk.
  • Vlad and Holly get married in front of 16,000+ fans.
  • UHL contracts, closing franchises in St. Louis, New England, Up state New York and Virginia. Two new UHL franchises open in Illinois.
  • Quad City Mallards decide to stay in UHL. Ownership changes hands after bloody Friday.
  • Atlanta goes on off-season binge, bringing aboard amazing amount of talent. Allowing their entire organization to start with strong seasons.
  • Gwinnett Gladiators reach Kelly Cup playoffs.
  • Chicago Wolves start season with best road record in franchise history.
  • St. Louis Blues decide to dump season. They have to race the Blackhawks, who are actually trying to win, to the bottom of the charts.

I have a few observations immediately, but will try to post on each subject as the last few weeks of the year pass. First, I'm real pissed that the major media has ignored many of these stories. Granted, you need to be a bit die-hard to realize that the Gladiators were in the Kelly Cup playoffs and what the relationship to the Wolves is, but there is no real interest in the major Chicago media for hockey. And that is the fault of the Blackhawks.

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