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Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Billy Tibbetts Show- Finland edition

It is so Billy. If you read the comments below, or follow this guy in Finland, you’ll know by now that Billy let his Professional Tryout (PTO) with HPK expire, got on a train to Helsinki, and signed with HIFK. Now the word coming out of Finland is that the people in Hämeenlinna had accepted Tibbetts, especially given his exceptional play on the ice. However, some observers there note that Hämeenlinna is a much smaller town than Helsinki. Given Tibbetts past, and the fact that his entry into the market was marked by a rehash of his past, perhaps he just felt more comfortable there. Living anonymously in the bigger city.

In any case, apparently HIFK doubled his salary, and he promptly rewarded them with the game winner in a shoot-out. Still, I can offer no excuse for what the fans in Hämeenlinna sense is a betrayal. Good god, I love the way he burns his bridges.

HPK plays HIFK in a few weeks. Despite the Finnish reputation for a softer style of play one poster warned me, “Man what a fucking class act. In a few weeks these two teams will face each other and that's gonna be something. Stay tuned...”

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It makes perfect sense to me that he would want to be in a bigger city, away from the bloggers and a smal town. Maybe the fans should have realizes he wasn't burning his bridges but trying, after 15 years, to build them. The media is the problem here. Leave im alone.