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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Haydar streaks ends at 39. Wolves drop 5 of 7

Darren Haydar’s point streak ended tonight and the Chicago Wolves season long dominance of the Peoria Rivermen both came to an end at the Allstate Arena tonight.

Peoria goalie Chris Beckford-Tseu, who won the ECHL championship while playing for the Alaska Aces last season, stopped 22 of 23 shots on goal. The loss marks the fifth loss in seven games for the Wolves, a downturn that started December 27th. The streak can be traced even further back to December 23rd when the Wolves won, but in overtime. So that in nine games, the Wolves have had only two regulation victories.

For the Wolves, the loss also marked its first loss to Peoria this season.

Haydar visibly showed disappointment at the end of the game. Standing between the hash marks, he drooped. Players came up and congratulated him on his run. Haydar, an Atlanta prospect, has not, surprisingly, had a significant shot at the NHL despite his run. A one day bench warming during a tilt between the Thrashers and the Ottawa Senators occurred January 1st.

Several Wolves have been called up to the Thrashers this season, including line-mate Jason Krog, Derek MacKenzie and Braydon Colburn. Colburn and Krog remain in Atlanta.

Haydar’s streak, which broke an American Hockey League record, ended at 39 consecutive games played with a point scored in each. Among professional hockey players, the streak places Haydar fifth among skaters:

1) Wayne Gretzky, NHL in Edmonton 1983-4. 51 Games
2) Mario Lemeiux, NHL in Pittsburgh 1989-90. 46 Games
3) Chick Chalmers, IHL in Omaha 1961-2. 40 Games
4) Paul Jackson, CHL in Wichita 1993-4. 40 Games
5) Wayne Gretzky, NHL in Edmonton 1985-6. 39 Games
6) Darren Haydar, AHL in Chicago 2006-7. 39 Games

(A tip of the hat to Dave Eminian for creating the first version of this table here)

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