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Sunday, March 11, 2007

A foretaste?

I find it very difficult to write about games like I saw last night at the Allstate: A superior team losing a lead and blowing it all with stupid penalties. It is lack of discipline that is killing the late-season Wolves. And to Milwaukee of all teams.

Now, don't get me wrong, Pekka Rinne is probably headed to the NHL, if he desires it, while the Wolves goalies are probably at their highest level. And, it is a measure of the lack of foresight on the Thrasher's part that the goalie situation is the way it is. It all depends on one person, Kari Lethonen. He's had a cold hand and the Thrashers are sinking.

The lack of depth in that position is pulling the Wolves down too. And just why aren't the Wolves playing with greater discipline? A talented team, playing the hard hitting Madmirals, they could have let the late hitting Mads get the calls, but went looking for them? ?!#*

The Wolves must solve this issue or be faced with an early end to the post-season. I'm sorry to admit it, but the worst case senario may well be facing the Admirals in the first round. (Kudos to you Tim Noonan on calling that one).

Over in Rockford, the winning streak came to an end in Chicago of all places. The IceHogs are tied in points with Fort Wayne and eight points off the first place overall with the Muskegon Fury. The Fury beat the Hogs Friday night, although the Kalamazoo K-Wings lost to the Hogs on Saturday.

The IceHogs visit Fort Wayne this afternoon for a big match. A win puts either team in first for the Western Division.

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