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Sunday, February 24, 2008

CST look at Hawks

The Sunday Chicago Sun-Times has several articles worth a look for hockey fans.

First, “The Worst Teams in Chicago History.” The list is heavy on recent teams and I suspect most fans will dispute it anyway. Each professional team has one entry. The Blackhawks entry: 2003-4 with a record of 20-43-11.

Second, a half page interview by Len Ziehm with NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman. He discusses the surge in Blackhawks attendance this season, “it’s good for the Blackhawks and their fans, and what’s good for one of our teams is good for the team.” Now, if Bettman had said he hoped the Blackhawks had sunk into bankruptcy, that would have been news. Something neutral like this?

Rick Telander takes on the Richard Zednik injury in his column. Telander calls for hockey players to accept mandatory neck protection gear. Just a few thoughts on this idea. First, eye injuries are much more common. If the players are balking about accepting mandatory visors, how difficult will it be to force them to accept mandatory neck safety gear? Even head gear, now required at all levels, doesn't seem to fit right. From the viewpoint of safety, better head gear is available, but it is not used.

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