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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lunar eclipses and own goals

The oddball goal that ended the February 20th game between the Manitoba Moose and the Chicago Wolves is still causing me some wonder. I've already pointed out that Drew MacIntyre (G) stopped 29 shots on goal, was credited with the game winning goal and was one of just nine American Hockey League goalies to have accomplished this. Do I need to point out that this was his first professional goal? But he still wasn't awarded one of the stars of the game.

In addition, the previous own goal against the Wolves was scored by Steve Maltais. Maltais is now retired from the Wolves and he doesn't visit the team as much as I wish he would. But he was in attendance Wednesday night, and was the subject of a video tribute.

Now that might just be a coincidence, but there was also a lunar eclipse that Wednesday, during the game. Enough said?

Malt, no more visits to the Allstate Arena on lunar eclipses.

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