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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More on Mickey Renaud

I hadn't met Mickey, however the Spitfires had introduced me to his dad, Mark, when I was there at a game in November. Mickey played well that night, but I actually wrote about another young player, goalie Anthony Grieco of the St. Michaels Majors.

Mark was up in the stands, watching the game. He was very close to the roof of the arena, sitting with some friends. He was an NHLer himself and we talked briefly about Mickey and his prospects.

Mickey had been drafted by the Calgary Flames, as it mentions in the Windsor Star. Mark showed some mild interest in the Quad Cities Flames and the AHL. He works as a manager now for Canada, managing its border. Between the game I asked how difficult it was to manage the busy crossing.

I had an idea for a story, but let it pass during the fall. Still I thought I'd keep track of Mickey in his professional career. Following a person of promise from the juniors into the minors and finally the big time would be very cool. Sort of the professional life of a player distilled into the blog. I have some photos of Mickey I'll post on the blog in the next night or two.

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