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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Akim Alou returns to Sudbury

This was great sports writing in the Sudbury Star, allowing us a peak into the personality of Akim Aliu, a Chicago Blackhawks prospect who has been troubled by allegations of temper control:

“Akim Aliu responded to two third period cross-checks (typical stick action in the corner of a close game that did get penalized) by Wolves d-man Chris VanLaren by whipping around and smoking VanLaren with one of the most eye-popping right hands I’ve every seen in a hockey game. That first, completely unexpected punch under the visor started VanLaren on his fall to the ice and Aliu followed it with a few more on the way down and jumped on VanLaren in attempt to finish the job before he was hauled off by officials.”

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