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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Belfast Giants to play in Dundalk

The Belfast Giants are playing their only home game qualifier of the playoffs in Dundalk, Republic of Ireland. The blog, Giants-history.com doesn’t spell out all of the problems with this setup, one of them is that many of the supporters of the hockey club are Orange and won’t travel 60 miles into the Republic of Ireland for any reason.

“The Giants are not all to blame here. The league has refused to budge to accommodate one of its ‘arena’ teams that the league should fully understand is always battling to gain availability. I think the league has realized the Giants had an out with Dundalk and therefore refused to meet them halfway like they have done in previous years,” the blog says, “only this morning were we made aware that this was to be our final… night watching the Giants in the Odyssey... And I’m not even thinking about the possibility that we could end up moving down there.”

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