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Monday, March 03, 2008

Nystrom strip tease captures the spirit of the thing

Ned Bradon’s strip-tease was recreated by Quad City Flames Eric Nystrom during a fund raiser for children’s vaccines. “We’ve got the jersey-off-our-back night the end of March, so he’s set the bar high,” Robyn Regehr told Randy Sportak of the Calgary Sun.

According to the story, Nystron started replicated the start of the infamous scene from the movie Slap Shot, taking off everything by his shirt, shorts, skates and socks. The website You Tube has the result here. Nystrom told the Calgary Sun he saw the result once and is proud of the result, “it was for a good cause, so I’ll do something stupid for that.”

Here are two You Tube posting of the act.

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