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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Atlanta Season Ticket Holders in revolt

Smirkin' Chicken, in a discussion board review of a “town hall” meeting between Atlanta Thrashers management and Season Ticket Holders, said Don Waddell was hoping to add two “top defensemen” and a top forward next season. Atlanta has suffered under a poor defense and STHs were upset not only with the Hossa trade but also a plan that offered lower priced seats for individual games under some promotions.

Waddell explained that although the team was in the hunt, at trade deadline, for a blueliner, there weren’t many offered, noting only one trade involved defensemen. Bruce Levenson apologized for not having brought a new coach in already, noting Waddell has been overworked this season. He said good coaches were not available after the season starts, as most teams do not allow their staff to talk to other teams. Waddell guaranteed a new coach next season and said it wouldn’t be him, according to the report.

A separate Atlanta Journal Constitution story quotes Levenson as saying Waddell's job is secure for the next season.

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