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Monday, January 19, 2009

Next year's class

[Response to Jane Rickard at ChiTownDailyNews.]

Jane, I'll take my butch slap in a graceful manner. You are right that there are players on the Wolves who can still go up to Atlanta this year. Jordan LaVallee and Brent Sterling come to mind. Brent had a shot at the Thrashers last year. I'm not certain why they felt he didn't make the grade. I think we'll see him move on to another organization that is more accepting of smaller players and perhaps find a slot in the NHL. LaVallee is certainly very good. AAAA good. He's also young and it would be wonderful to see him make the move to the big ice too.

The other players are sort of “next year's class.” They will probably be developed by the end of the season and will move to the National Hockey League over the next two years as vacancies occur in the Atlanta roster. I didn't really go that deep into the roster in my discussion about the team.

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