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Friday, January 30, 2009

Wolves win in shootout

A shoot out was needed to determine the final of the game between the Chicago Wolves and the Iowa Chops at the Allstate Arena last night. Power plays dominated the action in the 4-3 Chicago victory, with five of the six goals awarded during power plays.

After dinging a shot off of the Chops post, the Wolves discipline began to erode, as it allowed four advantages to Iowa in the first period. Iowa surged to a two goal lead on the strength of two power play goals as a result. Chicago was finally able to answer with a single goal at the end of the period when Mike Hoffman, playing to the center of the crease, lost control of the puck. However, he stayed with his check, and the puck became lost in the moving scrum to goalie David LeNeveu and trickled across the goal.

In the second period Chicago took a series of four penalties beginning at 13:12 with a 5:4 Iowa advantage. The Iowa advantage increased to 5:3 after a minute, twelve seconds and ended after three minutes, twenty seconds with a power play goal. Chicago held the Chops back from further gains, even though yet another power play was awarded to Iowa. The closing minute of the second frame saw Iowa take two penalties, including one for an after the whistle hit by Petteri Wirtanen on Steve Martins.

Chicago, now behind 3-1, entered the third frame with a 5:3 power play. This paid off immediately as Brett Sterling put a loose puck in. Iowa was able to hold on for the remainder of the 5:4 power play. However, at the 7:12 mark, as the Wolves effort was beginning to take its toll, Brian Salcido grew frustrated and put the puck out of play, resulting in a delay of game penalty. John deGray followed that eight seconds later with a high sticking penalty. Chicago's 5:3 power play was cut short, however, as Mark Lemelin called Sterling for two minor penalties 35 seconds later. Sterling, became entangled in front of the Chops net. He seemed to be calling for a slew foot penalty, but was called for holding AND for poor sportsmanlike conduct. As the power plays traded back and forth, each team was able to hold the other in check. The Wolves effort this period continued however, and at the 12:17 mark deGray was called for tripping. Jordan LaValee was able to take advantage of the power play to tie the score.

During the period, the outshot the Chops 14-2. Even without the arbitrary measure of the shots on goal, the pressure the Wolves put on the Chops was evident in the lack of discipline that sent the Chops to the sin bin for much of the period.

Entering the extra period, the two teams showed their exhaustion. Matt Beleskey was called for a one minute hooking charge, but the Wolves were unable to put that power play to use. This was one of the applications of a new American Hockey League rules that shortens some penalties in the extra period. It was felt that the two minute penalties in a five minute period were to great an advantage when play included only four players. The rule could be applied to the National Hockey League in coming seasons.

During the shootout Beleskey was the only scorer for the Chops, while Jeff Hamilton and Brett Skinner each scored for the Wolves. Skinner was acquired on the 13th from Atlanta.

Brent Krahn backed Ondrej Pavelec in net. Dan Turple and Robert Gherson were both scratches. Pavelec had 23 saves on the night for the win. LeNeveu had 30 saves. This was the first appearance of the Iowa Chops at the Allstate. Chicago has played three games at Iowa earlier in the season, splitting the series 2-1. Jeff Hamilton was notable for his five shots on goal. He was awarded an assist for the night. Nine Wolves received points in the game. Troy Brodie must be recognized for his seven shot effort for the Chops. Ajay Baines received two assists for the Chops.

The Wolves travel to Milwaukee tonight for a game against the Milwaukee Admirals. They play Saturday against the Houston Aeros at the Allstate, finishing up three games in three nights.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wirtanen hit Martins? More like Martins bumped into Wirtanen, took a dive and sold that hack as a ref Lemelin hook, line and sinker. Chops lost because of poor officiating last night, plain a simple.