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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Winter Classic 12; Hawks 3, WIngs 1 at end of 1

Hawks are now in power play again after a retalitory hit by Lilja. THere are about 6:40 left in the period. Boy, the shots of the Detroit goal, with the Wrigley score baord in the background, are fantastic. A lot of attacks on the Wings, Wings clear it down, behind the WIngs net. Keith taking a shot, pad stop then the puck is cleared down ice again.

Wings break away on a rush, have a 3:2, shot, trailing Wing gets a shot, and the power play expires. About two minutes left in the period. Nice save by Conklin as the possession is going back and forth. Things seems pretty evenly matched at the moment. Walker takes a shot and there is just a minute left in the period Eager shoots, can't score, then behind the net. He's fighting for it with Lilja. Eager wraps around on the right side, but Conklin goes left! SCORE!

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