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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Winter Classic 14; Game tied at 3 each

Brower checks Hossa into Huet, then seconds into the Hawk Power Play Toews gets called for a high sticking. Lots of open and slow ice. Flow of the game is still back and forth.

End of the 4:4 and the short advantage. Lebda fires into Huet, Huet loses sight of it but saves it anyway. According to the TV, the Wings have discovered some type of blindness on the part of Huet.

Campbell trips Hudeler on a drive to the net. He knocks the net off and there is another Detroit advantage.

Lots of people in front of Huet but the Hawks clear it down ice. About 35 seconds left and the Hawks have cleared it again. Datsyuk finally gets a shot on goal with a few seconds remaining. Still lots of red in front of that net. One, two, three attempts and GOAL for Hudler as he hammers it home. Huet out of position again. Just too much red out there and not enough black.

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