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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Winter Classic 19; final Hawks 4, Wings 6 update

This should be the final entry of the game. If you've been reading, thanks and Happy New Year. There are less than two minutes remaining in the game now.

Now 1:30 remaining. No OT this year. Wings in some confusion in front of their net. But Conklin stops it again. Now less than a minute remaining. Looking at this game I have to think that the way to see this game would be from the rooftops. it would be slightly more expensive, at $300.oo USD each. But, you are warmer or at least can stay warm.

A last moment goal by the Hawks. Keith pots one into the twine after getting fed from the faceoff. Anyway that was a great game to watch.

The players are doing a playoff lineup, saluting the fans. Very nice. Gotta give my MVP to Havlat. I'll update in a few minutes as I listen in on the final interviews with the players and coaches.

Well, not much to say from the ending interviews. Just the road to the Stanley runs through Detroit. I guess that is another hockey cliche we'll have to live with.

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