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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Winter Classic 17; Wings 6, yes 6, Hawks 3

Third period. Detroit in the lead by one goal. The teams will be trading sides after ten minutes, so the Hawks have ten minutes to catch the lead and hold it or the game is probably over.

Puck drop.

Wisniewski has been called for holding. Wings on the advantage. Five hole goal. Rafalski from the circle and in traffic. I'm still writing and they get another. NO wait, it's been called off. Let me see what the heck happened here...

I can't see what happened. They had Huet dead to rights. It bumped the cross bar, it didn't cross the goal line, wait the review is showing the net was struck. They're sending it to review but it should count...

It might be... It could be... It is a GOAL. 17 seconds between those goals. The second by Lebda.

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