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Thursday, January 01, 2009

WInter Classic 6

Jane Rickard said the European feed isn't too good and that she's put news of this live blogging on-line. The situation here, about a mile from Wrigley Field, is there is a cloud cover, some wind and the weather is below freezing. There could be some flakes falling later today. Great day for a hockey game.

I've moved from the NHL Network to the NBC Network. Chris Chelios is on the bench for the Red Wings. I was hoping to catch him while he was on the ice for Grand Rapids Griffins. I doubt, due to the waiver rules, that he'll return to the AAA.

A rink is setup behind the main rink for children. It reminds me of playing outside at LaFollette Park on the West Side. Jim Cantore of the Weather Channel is being interviewed. He's on top of the scoreboard in Center Field. While the wind may not be blowing on the field, you can be sure the wind is blowing hard up there.

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