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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Winter Classic 5

Oh God! The Foley is on. Am I the only person watching Chicago hockey who dislikes this guy? There it is, another reference to loyal home fans. What a stiff.

Brett Lebda is skating around with shadow. Cool! Football players aren't the only ones to look tough with eye shadow. LOL

A piece on the old Chicago Stadium with an emphasis on the flight of stairs leading to the ice surface. The atmosphere of the old Stadium, with the roar, created an atmosphere that will never be duplicated. Wait, wait, a bit on the movement of the Detroit Red Wings to the rink. There is a set of steps here too. I have to admit, I've never been in that area of Wrigley Field. What an excellent behind the scenes look at the game.

Oh God, the skeleton is back. At least in the second interview, he didn't use any boilerplate. McDonough is back on. More than anyone, except Rocky Wirtz, he is probably responsible for the return of the Blackhawks. The biggest change I see in this team, they are talking about winning the Stanley Cup. In the past two decades the fans would be discussing getting into the playoffs.

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