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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Winter Classic 18 update

Well, those two goals have driven Huet from the pipes. The Hawks have brought in Khabibulen.

That's gotta hurt the Hawks in the head if nothing else. Their talking about the shadows on the field. I can't see any on the TV and the outside is still pretty cloudy.

The Hawks are finally putting some people in Conklin's face. But, it's no good, he's stopping everything. I don't know how they'll handle this change in nets that is coming up in about three minutes. A time out?

The stands look full again. Shot clock is greatly in the Wings favor, according to the announcer. I guess the score shows that too. And there is the ten minute mark. I guess they're waiting for a break in play and they'll switch sides.

Khabibulen way out of the net, almost on the blue line, playing the puck. The goalies have been playing the puck to cut the angle in this game. There haven't been as many funny bounces as there was in the game last year. The temperature here in Chicago is about right for outdoor games and the ice and the air are both at about the right temperature.

This is a long time without a whistle. Now going on more than two minutes. And there is the whistle. Some of the old hawks are singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame..." Mikita, Hull, Savard and some others.

TMI, the TV tells us that Conklin took a "potty break" during the commercial. Oh god, shut up and sit down already.

The game is going back and forth again. Remember that the Hawks are now down wind. Lot's of stuff written on the wind at Wrigley. I'm not sure what direction it is coming from, I assume from the Northwest? If it was coming off the lake we'd see some lake effect snow, yep, northwest. The wind can be variable around here, even just two miles away. (Did I say a mile earlier?)

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