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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Winter Classic 10

Some good hits in the moments after the score, about five minutes have passed, a shot on Christobal Huet that goes into the net. Some back and forth as the puck is going back and forth up and down the rink. More pressure being put on the Huet than on Conklin. The Hawk goal is counted as a power play with the assists going to Havlat and Brent.

Scoring chance by Havlat, now the pressure is on the Wings.There's a dance on the ice as Bfuglien drives the net. Power play to the Wings as a result with Bfuglien in sin bin. Seabrook is able to clear the puck after a few seconds. The Wings are parking guys, Holstrom in particular, right in front of the net.

The ice gets its first obvious ice repair. The Wings are still on the advantage. The Hawks have cleared the puck again, about 45 seconds remaining in the Power Play. WIngs, looking for an open lane to fire on and Samuelson ties the game. Huet looks like he is suffering a bit from the wind chill. The puck looks like it hit the back of Huet's skates. Action behind the net, a feed to the front, Eddie Olyczck is saying that Huet went down a bit fast. The open ice makes the ice slower than usual.

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