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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Winter Classic 4

Whoops, "the Windy City" is used to describe the City. Must be an out-of-towner. Yes, the wind chill will be a factor, as we discussed in a previous blog entry.

Ty Conklin appears to be starting for the Red Wings. Unless I'm mistaken, he is the only player to have appeared in the three Winter Classic games since 2003, losing the first game 4-3 as the Montreal Canadiens took down the Edmonton Oilers in 2003 and protecting the net in the 2-1 shootout victory last year by the Pittsburgh Penguins over the Buffalo Sabres.

An ORGAN! Yes, of course the Chicago Cubs organist is Gary Pressy. The Blackhawks use Frank Pellico. I wonder if he plans to play Lady of Spain?

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